Where to Get Coffee in Pescadero, Mexico

We love Mexico, and we love coffee. Visitors to Casa Colibri benefit from several options to get coffee – if you don’t choose to make your own with our professional espresso machine. While we love the convenience of making our own, some of the cafes in town are too good to miss. Here are our picks for the best places to get coffee in Pescadero, Mexico.

La Comuna Cafe at Mini Super Munchies

Just a one-minute walk up the road, visitors to Casa Colibri find our neighborhood gem Mini Super Munchies. Munchies has a relatively new coffee cart called La Comuna Cafe, serving coffee and breakfast burritos starting around 8 am (it’s Mexico…opening times may be somewhat flexible). Enjoy a drink and a bite in their courtyard, and pick up some high-end necessities on your way back to the house.

Petit Leon

Petit Leon is located on the right-hand side of the main highway, just next to the OXXO. Park on the side of the road and venture into little France, where you will find delicious pastries, coffee, juice shots, and more. Petit Leon has a variety of gluten free options, including quinoa and rice bread, energy balls, muffins, and more.

A case full of gluten free goodies at Petit Leon

On the drink menu are the standard coffee options, along with juice shots like ginger turmeric pineapple (spicy and energizing). Petit Leon also sells fermented foods like kimchi and health food options like jars of cashew ghee.

Chocolate croissant and a ginger turmeric pineapple shot

A chocolate croissant and a ginger turmeric pineapple shot cost $110 pesos. The croissant was flaky and soft and exactly as you would want – little Leon indeed!

Baja Beans

Baja Beans is the OG cafe in Pescadero…so much so that the main road in town is called “the Baja Beans road.” Baja Beans is located just off the highway on the ocean side. It offers lots of caffeinated options to get your morning started right, and hearty breakfast options that will keep you full as you swim or surf or hike.


An iced latte at Cafelix in Pescadero, Mexico

Cafelix is located across the highway from Petit Leon and there is a parking area for visitors, as well as a large covered patio with tables and chairs. It is a bare-bones coffee shop, offering standard drinks but very little in the way of food. There was a small case of assorted pastries and some packaged snacks for sale, but I wouldn’t recommend Cafelix if you’re looking for a full breakfast.

Order and pay at the counter at Cafelix

A large iced latte costs $90 pesos, which is expensive for what it is. We’ll keep Cafelix on the list, but they won’t be our top recommendation for guests.

Cafe La Guerita

Cafe La Guerita is located a couple of doors to the south of Petit Leon on the same side of the highway. It serves traditional Mexican breakfast options like chilaquiles and breakfast burritos along with specialty coffee drinks.

Same Same but Different

Photo credit: Same Same but Different Cafe

Same Same but Different is in Cerritos and has a reputation as a great breakfast restaurant with solid drinks and a small but delicious breakfast menu. Breakfast options include waffles, yogurt and granola, avocado toast, and some egg options.

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